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About Me

Kiersten Kerch / Academy of Art University / BFA Graphic Design


Hello, my name is Kiersten Kerch and I am a graphic designer from San Diego, CA. I currently attend the Academy of Art in San Francisco where I am going to get my BFA in Graphic Design by Spring 2022. My portfolio will be available soon (as it is a work in progress at the moment) but

feel free to see the posts on my Instagram page as they are the same projects in my portfolio!

I have more projects to come as I am working with Chisme Cantina on packaging!

Coming from a military family, with a dad who served as a marine for 25+ years, I have had the opportunity to live in multiple places around the world. From living in Italy, Portugal, Japan, and spending a lot of my years in San Diego, I have been able to experience and indulge in different cultures. I have visited many places such as the UK, Hungary, Morocco, Germany, France, Spain and many other European countries.

I am also an athlete. I have participated in many sports from basketball, softball, tennis, soccer and volleyball. Growing up, I enjoyed all kinds of sports but volleyball came to be my main sport.

I made all the varsity teams at my high schools and top teams in my clubs. Fortunately, I was asked to play at my junior college and continued to pursue volleyball and graphic design at the academy of art. I was a team captain my first year here at the academy and enjoyed every bit

of leadership and continue to hold and carry those qualities into my work.

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