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About Kiersten Kerch

Hello, my name is Kiersten Kerch and I am a graphic designer residing in San Diego, CA. I graduated from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, CA and earned my BFA in Graphic Design in Spring 2022.

Coming from a military family, with a dad who served as a Marine for 24+ years, I have had the opportunity to live in multiple countries around the world. From being born in Hawaii, living in Italy, Portugal and Japan, and to end my journey in San Diego. No only have a been able to live but I have also visited other countries, including UK, Ireland, Morocco, and many other European countries.  
Stepping aside from living circumstances, I am an athlete. I have participated in many sports ranging from basketball, softball, tennis, soccer and volleyball. Growing up I have always enjoyed sports because of team building, meeting new people, and building relationships. I became a collegiate volleyball player and played at NCAA Div II. I was a team captain and enjoyed every bit of leadership and continue to hold and carry those qualities into my work.

She is currently a Visual Designer 1 at Enlisted Design. 

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