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Merrick Brand Transformation

Enlisted Design | Dry Dog Food | Packaging

Working on the design of Merrick's rebrand was an exhilarating journey marked by creativity, collaboration, and strategic thinking. Immersing myself in the brand's heritage and ethos, I meticulously crafted a visual identity that honored Merrick's commitment to premium quality and natural ingredients while injecting a fresh and contemporary aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from consumer insights and market trends, I was a part of a cross-functional team through an iterative design process, ensuring that every aspect of the rebrand resonated with both loyal customers and new audiences alike. From conceptualization to execution, I leveraged my expertise in graphic design to develop cohesive packaging solutions that not only captured attention on the shelves but also conveyed Merrick's dedication to pet health and nutrition. Through close collaboration with internal stakeholders and external partners, we brought the rebrand to life, culminating in a successful launch that reaffirmed Merrick's position as a trusted leader in the pet food industry.

merrick logo drawings_edited.png

During the logo ideation phase for Merrick's rebrand, I dove into the brand's heritage, values, and target audience to develop concepts that would resonate deeply. Sketching out numerous iterations, I explored various visual elements, typography styles, and color schemes to capture the essence of Merrick's identity. 

merrick lineup.png
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